Chan, Chris, and David will be presenting at an upcoming Keystone Symposium

Conference: Keystone Symposium—Synapses and Circuits: Formation, Function, and Dysfunction
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Date: 5–9 March 2017

Presenter: Chan Lek Tan
Title: Molecular identification of thermoregulatory neurons in the hypothalamus using activity-dependent ribosome profiling
Talk time: 11:45 AM on Monday (Cell Types of the Nervous System Session)
Poster time: 8:00–10:00 PM on Tuesday
Poster number: X1-2017
*Chan received a travel award from NIH/NINDS.

Presenter: Chris Zimmerman
Title: The neural dynamics and circuit architecture underlying thirst
Talk time: 4:15 PM on Monday (Circuit Function and Dysfunction and Disease Workshop)
Poster time: 8:00–10:00 PM on Tuesday
Poster number: X1-2028

Presenter: David Leib
Title: Molecular identification of active neurons defined by FOS expression or phosphorylation of ERK1/2
Talk time: 3:00 PM on Tuesday (Identification and Characterization of Cells and Projections Workshop)
Poster time: 8:00–10:00 PM on Monday
Poster number: X1-1024