Coverage of Yiming’s paper

Chen Y, Jang H, Spratt PWE, Kosar S, Taylor DE, Essner RA, Bai L, Leib DE, Kuo TW, Lin YC, Patel M, Subkhangulova A, Kato S, Feinberg EH, Bender KJ, Knight ZA, Garrison JL (2020). Soma-targeted imaging of neural circuits by ribosome tethering. Neuron 107: 454–469. doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2020.05.005

Buck Institute press release: “New tools will enhance the specificity of imaging in the mouse brain”
Nature Reviews Neuroscience highlight: “Soma trapping sharpens signals”
Nature Methods highlight: “Trapping fluorescence in the soma”
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